Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Currently Reading: Prometheus Rising


Prometheus rising is a book written by Robert Anton Wilson, about how the human mind works and how to get the most use from one, Wilson describes it as an "owner's manual for the human brain". The book, which examines many aspects of social mind control and mental imprinting, provides mind exercises at the end of every chapter, with the goal of giving the reader more control over how one's mind works. The book, which has found many readers among followers of alternative culture, also discusses the effect of certain psychoactive substances and how these affect the brain, tantric breathing techniques, and other methods and holistic approaches to expanding consciousness.

Favorite Quotes:

" Who you are, and what you are, is a creation edited and orchestrated by your brain".

"Mind" is a tool invented by the universe to see itself.

"We are all giant robots manufactured by DNA to make more DNA". —Herbert Muller

The brain is not a dirty garment but an electro-colloidal information processor—a living network of over 110 billion 2733000 nerve cells capable of (10 ) interconnections, a number higher than the total of all the atoms in the universe.

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