Monday, August 22, 2011

The Holographic Universe

Today nearly everyone is familiar with holograms, three-dimensional images projected into space with the aid of a laser. Now, two of the world's most eminent thinkers -- University of London physicists David Bohm, a former protege of Einstein's and one of the world's most respected quantum physicists, and Stanford neurophysiologist Karl Pribram, one of the architects of our modern understanding of the brain -- believe that the universe itself may be a giant hologram, quite literally a kind of image or construct created, at least in part, by the human mind. This remarkable new way of looking at the universe explains now only many of the unsolved puzzles of physics, but also such mysterious occurrences as telepathy, out-of-body and near death experiences, "lucid" dreams, and even religious and mystical experiences such as feelings of cosmic unity and miraculous healings.

Favorite quotes: 

"Just as every portion of a hologram contains the image of the
whole, every portion of the universe enfolds the whole".

"If a piece of holographic film containing the image of an apple
is cut in half and then illuminated by a laser, each half will still be
found to contain the entire image of the apple!"

"Unlike normal photographs, every small fragment of a piece of holographic film contains all the information recorded in the whole".

"If it was possible for every portion of a piece of holographic film to contain all the information
necessary to create a whole image, then it seemed equally possible for every part of the brain to contain all of the information necessary to recall a whole memory".

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Rawesome Raided for Unpasturized Milk

"If the people let government decide what foods they eat and what medicines they take, their bodies will soon be in as sorry a state as are the souls of those who live under tyranny." -- Thomas Jefferson.

Via Huffington Post "This week, Rawesome, a legal food club in Venice, California, was illegally shut down by a Multi-agency armed unit and over thousands of dollars worth of fresh food and produce destroyed. The SWAT style, helmet wearing, gun carrying enforcement agents came rushing in as if they were seizing heroin or dealing with gangsters"

Via Natural News "An astonishing two-thirds of all fresh chicken meat sold in grocery stores today is contaminated with salmonella".Processed meats are laced with cancer-causing sodium nitrite. everything from soups to salad dressings is "enhanced" with the chemical excitotoxin known as MSG which promotes obesity. Milk fats are artificial modified through the process of homogenization, which makes them dangerous for human health. The FDA says nothing about all this. Instead, the agency wants you to believe that the real danger in the food supply is found exclusively in raw dairy products which contain no additives or synthetic chemicals, by the way".

Via Forbes "Obviously spending this much time and this many resources to bust people selling dairy products is silly. Making arrests, rather than simply issuing a fine for non-compliance, is silly. And yes, the fundamental issue here is the silliness of requiring permits – or making outright bans – to sell raw milk in the first place. Permits typically don’t make us any safer, and can serve crowd out competition. In this case, big dairy farms are crowding out smaller competitors".

Rawesome Raid on Colbert Report

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Drugs ordered by their overall harm scores

How to Get High Without Drugs

Douglas talks about the thesis of his 1995 book "Stoned Free: How to Get High Without Drugs". This audio excerpted from Open Source Reality - a November 29, 2008 interview podcast.

Artist: Douglas Rushkoff
Title: How To Get High Without Drugs
Year: 2009
Length: 4:18 minutes (3.94 MB)
Format: MP3 Mono 44kHz 128Kbps (CBR)

Click here to Listen

Buy Douglass Rushkoff's book Stoned Free at Amazon

Check out Get High for different ways to alter your perception and consciousness.

Our Amazing Brain

Brain of a Fruit Fly

Using technology affectionately dubbed "Brainbow," scientists can color-code individual neurons inside the tiny brain of a fruit fly.


Thursday, August 11, 2011

Opening Chakras

Seven Chakras
          1. Root (red)
          2. Sacral (orange)
          3. Naval (yellow)
          4. Heart (green)
          5. Throat (blue)
          6. Third Eye (indigo)
          7. Crown (violet)

In yogic thought, the body contains seven energy centers, called chakras (literally "wheels"), that store energy, or the life force, prana. Westerners would interpret the chakras as nerve centers, but they are much more than this. They are centers of psy-chospiritual energy that don't precisely correspond to any tangible physical structure. Source

  • Root (Saturn) chakra. Located just above the anus at the base of the spine, this involves elimination and the sense of smell. This is where the kundalini lies. When awakened through yoga, this energy travels up the spine through all the chakras.

  • Sacral (Jupiter) chakra. Located on the spine near the genitals, this involves water, sexuality, passion, the creation of life, and taste.

  • Naval (Mars) chakra. Located on the spine behind the navel, this is associated with digestion or "gastric fire," your sense of self, and your actions.

  • Heart (Venus) chakra. Located behind the heart, this is the center of your compassion and emotions.

  • Throat (Mercury) chakra. Located in the throat, this is the center for communication.

  • Third Eye (Sun) chakra. Located in the middle of the brow, this is also known as the third eye, or center of unclouded perception.

  • Crown (Thousand Petaled Lotus) chakra. Located at the crown of the skull, this is the center of self-realization, perspective, unity, and enlightenment.

All chakras must be activated or awakened for true enlightenment, which is not an easy process. Awakening your chakras—releasing the energy that flows through your spine—can take years, perhaps lifetimes! It's hard work to lighten up (or to achieve enlightenment). Source

1) Mudras:
These chakra meditations use mudras, which are special hand positions, to open chakras. The mudras have the power to send more energy to particular chakras.

To enhance the effect, sounds are chanted. These sounds are from Sanskrit letters. When chanted, they cause a resonation in your body that you can feel at the chakra they are meant for. Mantras help stimulate the chakras by soothing your mind and awakening your senses.Source

Om is a common mantra because it's designed to invoke a universal perspective: You see your body/mind in relation to its place in the big picture. In Sanskrit, Om is spelled "aum," and each letter is a sacred symbol:
a represents the self in the material world.
u represents the psychic realm.
m represents indwelling spiritual light.
Chanting Om unifies your perceptions so you can sense yourself as an integral part of the universe. Gradually, the chant helps you shed everything that separates you from the universe —all your negativity, illusions, and misperceptions of yourself and the world.

For pronunciation, keep in mind that:
the "A" is pronounced as in "ah,"
the "M" is pronounced as "mng."

Do a meditation for 7 - 10 breaths. Chant the sound several times each breath and concentrate on the area of the chakra. Source

Root Chakra
Sound: LAM

Sound: VAM




Third Eye
Sound: OM or AUM

Sound: NG
2) Brainwave Entrainment:

Brain Waves
Sine wave generators are used to create two separate frequency waves which are introduced to each ear independently. The brain reacts by creating a third tone which is the difference between the two. The brain instantly reacts to these frequencies causing a Shift In Consciousness.
Binaural beats need to be listened to with stereo headphones because each ear receives tones of a slightly different frequency resulting in the brain perceiving a beating tone as if the two tones were mixed naturally in the brain.

Monaural Beats
Monaural beats also use two tones, but they can be listened to via speakers (although headphones are recommended) because with monaural beats, the two tones mix before they reach the ear.

Monaural beats are easier on the brain than binaural beats and it is said that monaural beats have a stronger effect on the brain. It takes less time for the brain to adjust to the tones and thus you can get results fairly quickly.

When listening to monaural beats, one needs to take care to have a quiet environment so background noise does not interfere with the tones and disrupts the entrainment process. Source

Isochronic Tones
Isochronic tones are the most powerful method of auditory brainwave entrainment.

Like monaural beats, the pattern of interference that produces the beat is created outside of the brain so there is no requirement of using headphones to listen to them (although it is recommended). Isochronic tones consist of entirely separate pulses of a tone and differ from monaural beats that only have sine wave pulses.

The reason why isochronic tones are so powerful is that they increase the speed of the pulses and use equal intensity tones meaning they get the desired result much faster than monaural or binaural beats. Source

3) Yoga:

Prana Arch
In this pose, the front of your body opens, releasing tension in your chest, neck, and abdomen. This pose is particularly effective for releasing thechakras in the chest and throat. Breathing deeply through this pose encourages the flow of pranathrough the chakras.

1. Stand in the mountain pose with your arms hanging loosely at your sides.

2. Inhale as you look up and just slightly behind you. At the same time, lift your hands, palms facing forward, away from your body and out to the sides, as if preparing to give someone a big hug.

3. Contract your buttocks muscles to support your lower back. Don't lean back farther than is comfortable. Breathe deeply several times. Then on an exhale, lower your arms and head, coming back into the mountain pose.
Open Pose
This pose is great for opening the chakras in the lower half of the torso. It is also excellent for relaxation and meditation.

1. Lie down on the floor on your back with a pillow under your head.

2. Bend your knees and bring the soles of your feet together, letting your knees drop to the floor. If this is uncomfortable, or if the back over-arches, place a pillow under each knee.

3. Bring your palms together in front of your heart, in namaste. Breathe deeply several times, focusing on releasing your lower chakras. Feel theprana flowing through them.

4. If this pose brings strong feelings or emotions to the surface, let them come, feel them, then when you are ready, let them go. Keep breathing and relaxing until you feel calm, energized, and ready to move on.

Chakras do more than store energy. Each chakra controls a different system of your body as well as a different realm of your emotions. When a chakra becomes blocked, you could suffer from health problems—physical or emotional—in that area. For example, a sore throat or an inability to adequately communicate your feelings could signal a blocked Mercury chakra. Indigestion or an inability to act on your feelings could mean a blocked Mars chakra. Source

4) Meditation:
By focusing the attention in any one of the chakras, the lower overtones of the concentration of consciousness in that location activates that chakra and increases the energy flow in it, making possible a conscious entry into the superphysical planes of energy. Meditation on the first three chakras, namely the Muladora Chakra, the Sacral Chakra and the Solar Plexus Chakra is not recommended because this can arouse lower emotions and sexual passions. This can allow entry to undesirable astral influences and cause psychological unbalance. It is better to work with the Heart Center, the Agna Chakra, and the Sahasraram Chakra because these are the most directly related to the unfoldment of superconsciousness; and when awakened, will automatically develop the lower chakras by changing the glandular balance of the body and by circulating new pranic forces through the energy channels or nodies of the etheric body as well as purifying and strengthening the astral and mental bodies. The hormones which the pituitary gland secretes, regulates the other glands in the body including the thymus gland, the thyroid gland, the adrenal gland and the sex glands as well as other glands. Once the pituitary gland is fully activated by the development of the Agna Chakra, all other glands are brought into proper chemical balance, thus helping to properly develop and raise the vibratory rate of all the lower chakras. Source

5) Psychedelics:
Interestingly, addictive drugs like alcohol, caffeine, or amphetamine stimulate only the lower chakras. To access higher planes we can try psychedelics like LSD, psilocybin, mescaline - or use the relatively risk-free classics like meditation or yoga. Source


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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Quantum Mechanics

Quantum Mechanics was discovered in 1925 by Werner Heisenberg. Quantum Mechanics a mathematical theory that can describe the behavior of objects that are roughly 10,000,000,000 times smaller than a typical human being. Source

What the Bleep Do We Know?!

Quantum mechanics incorporates four classes of phenomena for which classical physics cannot account:
  • The quantization of certain physical properties
  • Wave–particle duality
  • The uncertainty principle
  • Quantum entanglement
The Quantization of Certain Physical Properties
Electrons traveling around a nucleus couldn't have arbitrarily small or arbitrarily large amounts of energy, they could only have multiples of a standard "quantum" of energy. Source

Wave–Particle Duality
Scientists interpret quantum mechanics to mean that a tiny piece of material like a photon or electron is both a particle and a wave.  It can be either, depending on how one looks at it or what kind of an experiment one is doing.  In fact, it might be more accurate to say that photons and electrons are neither a particle or a wave -- they're undefined up until the very moment someone looks at them or performs an experiment, thus forcing them to be either a particle or a wave. Source

 The Uncertainty Principle
A theory by Werner Heisenberg called the Uncertainty Principle.  It states that if a researcher wants to measure the speed and position of a particle, he can't do both very accurately.  If he measures the speed carefully, then he can't measure the position nearly as well. Source

Quantum Entanglement 
This is a clip from the What the Bleep to We Know video above explaining entanglement.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Psychedelic Thinking and the Dawn of Homo Cyber

Lorenzo Hagerty presented Psychedelic Thinking and the Dawn of Homo Cyber at Mind States II held at The International House in Berkeley, California on May 27, 2001. Lorenzo discusses entheospace which he defines as "that sense of place you have at those special moments when, during an exploration of your inner landscape, you discover an entire universe. If you are technically inclined, you can think of entheospace as an operating environment in which many forms of consciousness exist and interact".

"The reason we see so few adult psychedelic thinkers today is that the first step in restoring our cosmic identity is to ask a very difficult question. That question is, “Why do you believe what you believe?” 
     -Lorenzo Hagerty

Text read at

Audio listen at the Psychedelic Salon podcast from iTunes

If you enjoy the audio or text from Lorenzo Hagerty, check out the Psychedelic Salon podcast in iTunes, his website, Lorenzo Hagerty's blog, and his latest book The Genesis Generation (which is free as an ebook or audiobook).